Trefoil™ System Dental Implants Gilbert AZ, Mesa AZ, Phoenix AZ, Chandler AZ

Trefoil™: The next full-arch revolution for the lower jaw.

Trefoil System Image With the Trefoil™ full-arch restoration, we are proud to offer our patients a better solution to lower dentures or even implant-retained overdentures; one that addresses the very real challenges associated with missing lower teeth.  The Trefoil™ is designed for the mandibular (lower) arch and offers many benefits previously associated with the All-on-4, but at a significantly reduced cost.  The optimal results and reduced cost make it a truly revolutionary approach to replacing missing or failing lower teeth.

Improved Treatment Time

The Trefoil™ implant procedure incorporates a pre-manufactured titanium framework and three implants to support a new set of beautiful custom teeth. Much of the work preparing the new teeth is done prior to the day of surgery, which means less time in the chair, and a quicker journey on your way toward enjoying a healthy, new beautiful smile.
We offer a full range of options for patients who have failing, or missing teeth but want to desperately avoid dentures.

Personalized, gentle & comprehensive care is our number one priority!

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