Orthognathic Surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery

jaw-and-chin-correctionOrthognathic surgery is needed when the upper and lower jaws don’t develop uniformly and/or the teeth don’t seem to align properly within jaws even with orthodontic treatment. The teeth can be straightened with orthodontic treatment, but if the jaws are misaligned or have grown disproportionately, corrective jaw surgery may be required. This not only improves facial appearance, but also ensures that the teeth meet correctly and function properly.

Who Needs Orthognathic Surgery?

There are a wide range of reasons why a patient may be a candidate for jaw surgery. Jaw growth is a gradual process and in some instances, the upper and lower jaws may grow at different rates. This can lead to  a host of problems that can affect the ability to chew,  impair normal speech, create breathing difficulties, including sleep apnea, and lead to TMJ related pain and dysfunction. Abnormal jaw growth can be a result of genetics, injury to the jaw during development or birth defects. Orthodontics alone can correct bite problems when only the teeth are involved. Orthognathic surgery may be required for the jaws when a skeletal discrepancy is involved.

Difficulty in the following areas should be evaluated:

  • Difficulty in chewing, biting or swallowing
  • Speech problems
  • Chronic jaw or TMJ pain
  • Open bite
  • Protruding jaw
  • Breathing problems

Before any treatment begins, a consultation should be scheduled with Dr. Spanganberg to perform a complete clinical and radiographic examination with the goal of determining the nature of the skeletal  discrepancy and what would be required to achieve a satisfactory outcome. During the pre-treatment consultation process, feel free to ask any questions that you have regarding your treatment. When you are fully informed about the aspects of your care, you will then be in a position to make an informed decision.

For more information about jaw surgery or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Porter and Dr. Mack, call our Gilbert office at ☎ or our Yuma office at ☎ .

Technology & Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Spanganberg uses modern computer techniques and three-dimensional models to ensure that your surgery will be successful and achieve an ideal outcome. Using comprehensive facial x-rays we can show you how your bite will be improved and even give you an idea of how you’ll look after surgery. This helps you understand the surgical process and the extent of the treatment prescribed. Our goal is to help you understand the benefits of orthognathic surgery before you make the decision to embark down this path.

If you are a candidate for corrective jaw surgery, Dr. Spanganberg will work closely with your dentist and orthodontist during your treatment. The goal of surgery will always be to achieve a result that creates a more attractive, functional, and healthy dental-facial relationship.

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